We have a small herd of dairy cows including Jersey and Brown Swiss. We enjoy their delicious, fabulously creamy milk. We have been greatly blessed by the benefits of nutrient dense raw milk, cream, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.

We test our dairy cows each year for Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV) and Johne’s Disease to help ensure a healthy herd. Our cows are gentle, healthy, and pleasant to be around. During the months when there is plenty of grass, they enjoy a diet primarily of grass and forage, supplemented with a moderate amount of non-GMO dairy feed. During the the time when the pasture is dormant we feed them hay and non-GMO dairy feed.


Maintaining high standards of cleanliness, our milk is filtered twice: once as it is being milked, and again as it is poured off into half gallon jars. We begin to chill it immediately by using a double bucket system, with the outer bucket containing ice water.  The milk is then chilled the remainder of the way in an ice bath after being filtered the second time. We sterilize our buckets between each use.


We like to leave our cows and calves together for part of the day (or night) during the first three months or so after the cow has had her calf. That way, the calves learn to properly relate to people and they can grow well on their own mother’s milk.



We currently have milk available! Milk and cream are available from our farm only.

Our fresh milk is $3 per half gallon jar, plus a $2 redeemable jar deposit for each jar/lid combo.




Our Herd…